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RealSpot is an image-based mobile app taking an authentic angle on social media and influencer marketing – stripping away comments, likes, dislikes, written reviews, filters, and followers in favor of raw, Polaroid-inspired images of everyday experiences.

RealSpot is democratizing influencer marketing for local businesses; giving your beloved local spots another way to reach the community without relying solely on legacy platforms. Solving both the pandemic of misinformation that has become legacy platforms, with cognizance to the global business crisis preceding a pandemic of another breed. These local businesses need our support! Leading us to the next generation of social media, one that is learned from its pioneers and reimagined.

About RealSpot

Celebrate REAL life, find good vibes, and help your community THRIVE.

Using RealSpot, users document their everyday life for cash incentives & small businesses get another affordable way to reach their community in light of the cultural awakening, which is leading to a social media deletion trend. 

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An Evolution of Social Media

One that serves you as an individual, a community and a business owner


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Frequently Asked

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions

Growing numbers of people are turning away from social media platforms like Facebook and others. RealSpot is a new authentic, affordable platform for businesses to communicate with their local communities. 

Because no one knows what’s local like a local!

Want to become an influencer?

Who knows Toronto! better than you, Toronto!