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About RealSpot

Celebrate REAL life, find good vibes, and help your community THRIVE.

RealSpot is here! Let’s take the power back and start loving ourselves, our neighbors, and helping our communities. Document your REAL life, present your REAL self , preserve your REAL memories.

RealSpot operates like a disposable camera. Snap quick pics at your favorite places to capture your memories without obsessing, so you can live in the moment, judgement free. By freeing your mind of the nonsense, you will open yourself up to what actually matters…helping your community thrive. These are uncertain times and the small businesses surrounding you need you more than ever.

Get an idea of what’s going on around you on our vibes page and learn about new hot spots. As you document your life, you create not only your own “REAL” of photos, but you create the “REAL” of photos that makes up each businesses profile. Help the businesses you love and get out there and show the rest of your community what is going on around them. Upon downloading RealSpot, find yourself on your spots map. Help keep the doors open on the American dreams that surround you.

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Our Mission

Led by a visionary leader

RealSpot was born out of an idea to help businesses reach their local communities easily and for people to get rewarded for their everyday travels

Suzanne Martin

Founder and CEO